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How Can Punchy Help Produce Your Explainer Video?

    • We are an Australian based explainer video agency. That’s right! Finally a local agency with a local design team that you can easily communicate with. Our design team is based between Melbourne and Sydney and we have produced explainer videos for clients all around Australia.
    • Our clients range from Start Ups, to ASX listed companies and Government Agencies. This means that we have experience in helping you communicate yourmessage clearly, increasing your engagement and growing your brand awareness online and offline with our Australian creative explainer video team.

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A few of our clients that we work with

Video Creation For RACV Video Creation For Australian Government Video Creation For ANZ Video Creation For Georgiou Video Creation For Cricket Video Creation For Australia Post Video Creation For Monash University Video Creation For KPMG Video Creation For Heart Foundation Video Creation For Doctor Video Creation For NSW Government Video Creation For AMP Video Creation For Bendigo Tafe Video Creation For RACGP Video Creation For Lifeline

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Animated explainer video
Animated explainer video
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If you’re here, it means you’re looking for a better way to spread the word about your brand. Here are the facts about explainer videos:

FACT #1: A video will get more attention and click-throughs than text or photos.

Why? Because videos create an INSTANT connection with your audience. There’s no slogging (or skimming) through blocks of text to find the story. It’s right THERE, right NOW, at the meat of the matter. And if there’s one thing people like, it’s a good story. Which is why you should tell your story through an explainer video.

FACT #2: You have SECONDS to catch people’s attention.

In this mobile world, people want information (and entertainment) FAST. They’re used to flashy visuals, catchy songs and outrageous humor. It’s not just radio and TV that’s trying to get their attention, but social media and the great, big online world. If you don’t give them a reason to pause (like an explainer video), they’ll delete your email, scroll past your social media post or leave your website for one that’s more interesting or informative.

FACT #3: An explainer video enhances your Google ranking, Search Engine Optimization and click-through rates.

Yep, it all boils down to a simple, mathematical, statistical truth: put a video on your website and you will be ranked higher than brands and businesses who don’t utilize videos.

Why not make it a video that packs a punch?


What exactly is an explainer video? It’s a smart way to:


Explainer Videos

So now the question is why choose Punchy Digital Media over other explainer video production companies?

#1: We’re LOCAL, not an off-shore business in a different time zone, speaking another native language or conducting business with different values and priorities than yours. And in a global marketplace, that means a lot.

How local is local? We’ve got camera crews all around Australia, and our design team is based between Melbourne and Sydney.

#2: Our team has DECADES of combined experience in explainer video and animation production. We know how to say it, how to show it and how to put your brand in the best possible light.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the glowing 5-star reviews on Google and then give us a call.

#3: Our portfolio is IMPRESSIVE. From government and higher education to ASX-listed companies and startups, our explainer videos are:

  • Bold
  • Upbeat
  • Colourful
  • Eye-catching
  • Made to keep viewers watching to the end
  • Whatever your message, we say it best.

    Add punch to your marketing campaign with a Punchy video. Contact us today.

A Few Industries We've Helped:

The Punchy Process

  1. Get In Touch

    We’ll prepare a custom video strategy that outlines our recommendation on how to help your business.

  2. Pre Production

    We’ll either prepare your script or story board for your animated video, or start planning and prepping your live promotional video.

  3. Production

    We’ll either start animating your script and storyboard, or send out our Punchy video crew to film and edit your new punchy video.

  4. Growth

    You receive your Punchy video in any format you like, ready to be uploaded onto your website or social media to rapidly grow and market your business.

How Can The Punchy Team Help?

Explain Your business in an engaging way with a Animated explainer video

Explain Your business in an engaging way

Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition with a Animated explainer video

Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

Boost conversation And leads on your website with a Explainer Video

Boost conversation And leads on your website

Build trust with your prospects and clients with a Animated explainer video

Build trust with your prospects and clients

Sky Rocket Conversion with a Explainer Videos

Sky Rocket Conversion

Dominate Google Ranking with a Explainer Videos

Sky Rocket Conversion

Achieve Customer Loyalty with a Explainer Videos

Achieve Customer Loyalty

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