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Interview & testimonial video production

Here at Punchy Digital Media we understand the importance of creating a positive image for your business. That’s why we have created a series of high quality video production services that deliver bespoke, unique videos that set your business apart from the masses. And one of the most popular services that we provide right now is interview and testimonial video production. This can be a live recording of your customer or client giving your business the praise it deserves or we can even create an animated video with an audio recording. Whatever works best for your target audience.

Our portfolio & work

Punchy Digital Media has recorded video testimonials and interviews for both B2B and B2C companies across the breadth and width of Australia. This has included videos for companies in a wide range of industries with diverse target audiences and customer/client bases. In a nutshell, if you can name the industry, then there’s a good chance that Punchy Digital Media has created a testimonial or interview for a client in that niche. Take a look below at some examples of our testimonial and interview production projects carried out for our awesome clients.

Your Australian-based Interview & Testimonial Video Production Studio

Punchy Digital Media is an Australian-owned interview and testimonial for video production company with team members located throughout Australia. We’re a predominantly remote-working team meaning that no matter where you are in Australia, the chances are that there’s a Punchy team member in your area.

We work regular Australian office hours so getting in touch with us throughout the course of your project will be quick and painless. All of our work is handled in-house by full-time staff who are all fully qualified, highly experienced and based here in Australia. To put it simply — we are your Australian-based interview and testimonial video production partner.

"Punchy helped us create an engaging explainer video that not only delivered our message accurately, but also helped us win an innovation award for our project. Fantastic work from a professional team."

Adam Jacobs, Digital Project Manager - RACGP

Interview & Testimonial Video Production without Limits

When it comes to interview and testimonial video production in Australia, there’s no limit to what Punchy Digital Media can do. Need us to come to your place of work and meet with your clients and customers? No problem. Or perhaps they would prefer that we call in to their place of work and record their testimonial in the comfort of their own office? We can do that too.

We can even work with videos that your customers have recorded themselves if required. Generally speaking though, we prefer to handle this ourselves as we can maintain a consistent level of quality for all videos.

Trust us, we’ve got it all under control.

"I cannot recommend the team at Punchy Media highly enough. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with all the way through the process. The end product is a big success and has had over 40,000 views within the first month. Use their service with confidence."

Jacinta Whelan, Lead PArtner - Watermark Search International

How the Punchy Team can help you

The team at Punchy have seen it all and then some. In fact, when it comes to testimonial and interview video production, we pretty much wrote the book. No idea what style testimonial video you’d like? Not a problem, we can help you design a unique testimonial video template that can be used for all your future testimonials.

We’ll also help you find voiceover talent (if required) background music, and create some on-brand graphics to make your testimonial videos pop. We’ll even help you decide what words your customers should use on film.

All you need to do is sit back and wait for all that kudos to come rolling your way.

Why your Business Needs Interview & Testimonial Video Production

Interview and testimonial videos are an incredibly powerful tool for building trust in a potential customer or client. And as you are well aware, trust is the main driver of action for those in your target market who are still perched on the fence.

While written testimonials are helpful and perfect for certain demographics, video testimonials and interviews are much more effective. This is in part due to the fact that people retain more visual content than written content but is mostly because of the trust factor.

The simple truth is that people trust people, especially when they can see and hear them.

"Punchy helped us create an engaging explainer video that not only delivered our message accurately, but also helped us win an innovation award for our project. Fantastic work from a professional team."

Adam Jacobs, Digital Project Manager - RACGP

Locations We Service

Punchy Digital Media is a national interview and testimonial video production agency with clients across all Australian states and territories. We have video production studios in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane and have team members working in Adelaide, Perth and many cities across the country.

This enables Punchy Digital Media to easily handle on-site testimonial video production anywhere in the country. As you can guess, having a local team for video recording helps to speed up the entire process ensuring that there are no long delays or extended wait times for your testimonial or interview video production.

Interview & Testimonial Video Production leads the way


of marketers say video gives them the best ROI.


of consumers will make a purchase after watching a branded video


of consumers will make a purchase after watching a branded video


Want to know how we can help your organisation take advantage of these stats?

Want to know how we can help your organisation take advantage of these stats?

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Who is the Punchy Digital Media Team?

The Punchy Digital Media team is made up of an extremely talented group of industry professionals with decades of combined experience. Our diverse team is based throughout Australia with many of our staff working remotely full-time. This enables us to better understand the needs of localised businesses as we often have team members living in a client’s area.

Our leadership team members are based in our core office locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.
The Punchy Digital Media management team:

format_quote All the videos and content you have produced is proving VERY popular. It is by far the best content ever produced by NESA. The earlier maintanance video has had over 13000 views. The maintenance video over 6000 views and the little animated desk over 2000 views already. AMAZING stuff.

Their attention to detail and cutomer service is outstanding. They provided us with a great degree of confidence at every step in the process.

Of particular note is their video and presentation animation skills and script interpretation. They are able to take complex concepts and messaging and convert them very effectively into high quality visuals/graphics. Their animation feels very current and on-trend."

Chantel Myers

Senior Communications OfficerNSW Education Standards Authority (Australian Government Agency)

Frequently Ask Questions

Video testimonials should be long enough to deliver a powerful and engaging message but not so long that the viewer loses interest. Of course, this depends on the industry and your target market or audience, but generally speaking, we recommend a length of around 30-60 seconds for most video testimonials.

How to get Video Testimonials from Customers?
If your customer or client is happy with your service, then it’s simply a matter of asking if they agree to record a video testimonial. If they are based here in Australia, the Punchy Digital Media team can call to their place of work and record the video testimonial on your behalf with a minimum of fuss.

What are Video Testimonials & Interviews?
Video testimonials and interviews are usually a short recorded video of an existing customer or client who has been impressed with your product or services. This testimonial highlights the benefits of working with your company and is an incredible trust builder for potential customers and clients.

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If you’d like to work with Punchy Digital Media to handle your interview and testimonial video production project, then we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch by filling out the form on our contact page or feel free to give us a call on 1300 886 572.

Alternatively, if you’ve already got a detailed brief of your testimonial or interview project, then you can send it to us directly at We’ll get back to you with a free no-obligation quote as soon as we can.

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