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Having problems working with offshore agencies? Fed up with Skype meetings at the crack of dawn of emails that go unanswered for days. Then you need to find yourself a local partner. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Punchy is that local partner

Here at Punchy

  • we keep regular Australian office hours
  • we’re always available to answer your call
  • we reply to your emails as soon as we can

We know that your project may be subject to a tight deadline and so by being easily contactable, we give ourselves the best chance of delivering exactly what you need, on schedule. To achieve this, we provide you with

  • a dedicated point of contact within the Punchy team
  • regular updates on how we’re progressing with your project
  • an opportunity to give us feedback before we deliver the final graphic
  • a promise that we will always deliver on time

"Punchy helped us create an engaging explainer video that not only delivered our message accurately, but also helped us win an innovation award for our project. Fantastic work from a professional team."

Adam Jacobs, Digital Project Manager - RACGP

What are Infographics

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data relative to a niche or industry. Often they are used to

  • Highlight trends
  • Relay important industry information
  • Explain processes

They’re more engaging than a block of text explaining the same information and because of their layout, they’re often extremely easy to understand. Usually placed on a website’s blog or in a free resources section, the infographic is the ultimate in shareable content.

"I cannot recommend the team at Punchy Media highly enough. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with all the way through the process. The end product is a big success and has had over 40,000 views within the first month. Use their service with confidence."

Jacinta Whelan, Lead PArtner - Watermark Search International

A Branding tool like no other

Used correctly, an infographic can work as a branding tool helping you build authority within your niche. It highlights you or your company’s expertise in a certain area while offering those within your industry a free resource that helps them solve their problems.

Something that will work wonders for your brand image. And thanks to it’s natural shareability, this type of content can also help you widen your reach. All-in-all, the infographic is a branding tool like no other.

Why are Infographics so effective?

Did you know that readers often spend more time looking at relevant images on a page than they do reading the text? There’s no denying the fact that we all love a pretty picture, but research shows that when that picture contains information in the way an infographic does, it’s a boon to any business or organisation.

Unconvinced? Check out these stats.

  • Directions using text and images perform 323% better than text alone
  • Infographics boost website traffic by as much as 12%
  • An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than text

There’s power in those infographics.

"Punchy helped us create an engaging explainer video that not only delivered our message accurately, but also helped us win an innovation award for our project. Fantastic work from a professional team."

Adam Jacobs, Digital Project Manager - RACGP

Graphics tell a complete story


increase in web traffic through the use of infographics on a website.


of people respond better to visual information than they do text.


of people are visual learners who prefer imagery over text or audio.


of information transmitted to your brain is visual.

Want to know how we can help your organisation take advantage of these stats?

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Who are Punchy Digital Media?

Punchy Digital Media is a creative video agency based in Australia. We provide a wide range of animation and video production services to our clients across a broad range of niches.

Build Authority

We can help you build authority by creating data-laden infographics that help your peers and potential leads solve a problem.

Instant Value

Visual content offers more value to your audience, giving them the information they need instantly.

Get More Shares

A Punchy infographic encourages your readers and followers to share your content helping you build brand awareness.

format_quote All the videos and content you have produced is proving VERY popular. It is by far the best content ever produced by NESA. The earlier maintanance video has had over 13000 views. The maintenance video over 6000 views and the little animated desk over 2000 views already. AMAZING stuff.

Their attention to detail and cutomer service is outstanding. They provided us with a great degree of confidence at every step in the process.

Of particular note is their video and presentation animation skills and script interpretation. They are able to take complex concepts and messaging and convert them very effectively into high quality visuals/graphics. Their animation feels very current and on-trend."

Chantel Myers

Senior Communications OfficerNSW Education Standards Authority (Australian Government Agency)

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