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The Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Internal Communications and Processes

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Did you know that about 96% of people that watch an explainer video actually learn more about the service or product that’s offered? Think about the last time you had to explain something complex to someone. Now imagine if you had a video to help explain things instead.

That’s the power of using explainer videos for internal communication. Not only are they more engaging than text-based explanations, but they can also help clarify complex concepts for employees.

We’re going to explore the benefits of using internal communications videos and share some tips on how to create them. If you want to learn more about simplifying your concept delivery methods, keep reading.

What Are Explainer Videos Exactly?

An explainer video is a short online video used for marketing to help explain a service or a product. They are often used to help clarify complex concepts or instructions for employees.

Explainer videos can be for a variety of purposes, including training, onboarding, and explaining company processes.

They are the perfect way to help introduce new subjects in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate way. Additionally, they are a great way to have ready-made training or onboarding materials. Employees can also come back to those videos as much as they want.

Your audience would easily be able to search for something and associate the search with your explainer if you use it for external purposes.

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What Types of Explainer Videos Are There?

There are many different types of explainer videos. Some options will work better for some applications than others. To help you get an understanding of the different options for explainer videos we’re going to take a close look at each kind.

Whiteboard Animation Video

The most common type is the whiteboard animation video. In this type of video, a hand draws illustrations on a whiteboard to explain the concept. This type of video is effective because it combines visuals with narration to help explain things in a clear and concise way.

Additionally, it’s easy to follow along with the hand-drawn illustrations. Good scripts, and an experienced producer or AI reader can bring this method to life.

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2D Animation Video

2D animation is a type of video in which two-dimensional drawings are used to create the illusion of movement. This type of video can be used to explain any concept and is a great choice for marketing in general.

This option does limit you with what you can do but it gets the message across in a creative way, to say the least.

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3D Animation Video

3D animation is a type of video in which three-dimensional objects are used to create the illusion of movement. This type of video is often used for marketing or product demonstration purposes. Think of what you see when you watch movies or play video games.

This is the type of experience this type of video offers. This would be a great option to introduce a new product. You could even use this if you are beta testing products. Since this method has a powerful delivery, this option is best used for items that you want to direct a lot of attention towards or increase interest in.

This form of video may also appeal more to different audiences, so make sure that you’re familiar with your target audiences. This is so you can ensure the best experience for them and their interests.

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Motion Animation Video

Motion graphics are what’re used to bring still images to life. by using visual effects, and fun animations, you can give any concept a voice. Stop motion animation is a type of video in which objects are photographed frame by frame to create the illusion of movement.

This type of video is often used for marketing or product demonstration purposes.

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Live-Action Video

A live-action video is a type of video in which real people are used for creating visuals. Essentially, it’s the same as an animated explainer video only without the animation. This is a good option if you want to connect with humans by using humans to promote your product or service.

This type is often used to explain almost anything and is often used for a wide range of marketing purposes.


Kinetic Typography Video

If you haven’t heard of this type of explainer video before, it is exactly what it sounds like. Kinetic typography videos use text and animation to create a visual explanation of a concept.

This type of video helps to convey the main idea that a product or service is based on. This is a great option if you want to generate attention, entertain your audience, and set any type of tone.

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Screencast Videos

This option uses images while something else like a live website is being used. This method is great for showcasing finished products and can be good to send to employees or to use during presentations. They are most effective when you are teaching something or helping users to interact with a product live.


What Are the Benefits of Using Explainer Videos?

So, here’s the thing, explainer videos, or how-to videos and tutorials, have various benefits and they don’t have to be for only one thing. For one, you’ll get better google results. In fact, you’re more likely to be ranked on the first page of a Google search if you’re using explainer videos for your business.

They can be used for external communications, as easily as they can be for internal usage. The thing is when people are searching for products or services similar to yours, your explainer video would pop up and text would also pop up from your competitors. People are significantly more likely to click on a video before clicking the text.

This is only one of the multiple benefits. You can also expect increased conversion rates and a return on your investment. As we mentioned, your ads are more likely to be clicked compared to your competitors because it would be a video.

This also leads to higher conversion rates. People like interaction and immersive experiences. This means that people resonate better with video. Because of that, you’re sure to notice a great value in your ROI.

There are several benefits to using explainer videos for internal communications and we haven’t even scratched the surface. Let’s take a closer look at a few more benefits that you can expect when you use explainer videos such as onboarding training videos.

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Some of the key advantages include:

Increased Engagement

When employees can see and hear the information that’s presented in an engaging way, they’re more likely to pay attention. Internal communications videos are a great way to capture employee attention and keep them engaged with company messaging.

You can even implement the use of other things the videos by adding in links, customized images, and even voiceovers in some cases.

Easier Learning

The use of visuals makes it easier for employees to learn new concepts. In fact, people are often able to retain more information that’s conveyed in a visual way. This makes explainer videos a very effective tool for internal training and onboarding.

This is also a good example of how you can use these videos across different processes. By adding in other avenues for your employees to learn, you take a bit of pressure off of your training needs.

That also goes to show that you can use these videos for more than just marketing. Your training and development team can use them just as much and get the same benefits from doing so.

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Greater Clarity

Explainer videos can help to clarify complex concepts for employees. This is especially helpful when onboarding new employees or teaching them about a new process. That’s because onboarding training videos are often meant for that application.

Whether you’re explaining a process or a task, this method of teaching can make delivering the message more simple. By using visuals and concise explanations, explainer videos make it easy for employees to understand the information being presented. This is even a great option for companies that want to extend their message to their audience versus only their employees.

Think about it like this; if you’re a doctor’s office that specializes in ketamine therapy with therapy through VR, you might get patients or potential patients with a lot of questions.

To explain the procedure and the benefits in simplified language, consider using a helpful video. This will often help to gain trust from your audience when your video is meant to educate and comfort.

Increased Engagement with Company Culture

Strong company culture is key to a productive and successful workforce. Explainer videos can play a role in helping to create and strengthen company culture by illustrating the company’s values and mission.

When employees feel connected to their company’s culture, they’re more likely to be engaged and productive. This could be a useful tool not only for onboarding but other occasions as well. Explainers could be used for promotions to different roles.

They could also be used for promoting through the tiers of a company, special events, or for exit interviews.

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Greater Brand Awareness

Explainer videos can also help to increase brand awareness among employees and your audience. When employees are familiar with a company’s brand, they’re more likely to be positive ambassadors for the company.

The same goes for customers and clients. Since you can use this form of training in multiple ways, you could create a collective of explainer videos or even just one every time you feel that you could benefit from one. Either way, this can lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

How Are They Used in Internal Communications?

So, you may be asking, why use explainer videos? Well, explainer videos can offer help to businesses, marketing teams, and individual marketing professionals in various ways when it comes to internal communications.

Think about your overall goal for the video and often there is a way to tailor your deliverable to drive the results you need and to reach certain audiences. If you want to create a back of training information, this would be a great option to do so.

By going with a method like this, you’re reaching your employees in more effective ways while making your messages more clear.

The best part is that they can go back to find the information later. That is one of the most notable benefits of using, how-to videos and tutorials. They give you the opportunity to do the initial work, and after the video has been completed, that’s it.

At that point, you can use it for almost any purpose. Want to use them for onboarding? All you have to do is email the videos, or send out the links to direct employees to them.

Want them to come back to the information later on or over time? Add the video to your company’s employee portal. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use explainer videos for internal purposes.


Some of the most common ways include:

Onboarding Training Videos

As we’ve mentioned, onboarding videos are very effective. When you’re new to a job, it can be difficult to figure out what’s expected of you. Onboarding training videos can help to ease the transition into a new role by providing employees with information about company policies and procedures.

This type of video can also introduce employees to their co-workers and give them an idea of what the company culture is like. By using an engaging style, onboarding training videos can make the process less overwhelming for employees.

Process Explanation Videos

It can be difficult to remember every step in a complicated process. That’s where process explanation videos come in. These types of videos can help employees to understand a specific process and complete their tasks more efficiently.

By breaking down the process into manageable steps, process explanation videos make it easier for employees to follow along and get the job done right, the first time.

Product Explanation Videos

Don’t underestimate the power of video. Video usually helps to convince 73% of buyers to purchase a product or service. If your company sells products, then product explanation videos can be a great way to educate employees about how to use them.

These types of videos can also be used to showcase the features and benefits of a product.

By using an engaging style, product explanation videos can help employees to understand complex concepts and make better decisions when choosing a product.

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Exit Interview Videos

An exit interview video is a great way to get feedback from employees who are leaving the company. These types of videos can help to identify areas where the company can improve its policies and procedures.

Exit interviews can also be used to thank employees for their contributions to the company. By using an exit interview video, you can ensure that your message is clear and concise.

Can Internal Communications Videos Drive Business Results?

When using explainer videos, many organizations are wondering if they will see any business results. The answer is yes. By using videos for internal communications, you can achieve several business goals, including:


Improving Employee Engagement

As we mentioned earlier, explainer videos can often help to increase engagement. By providing employees with engaging and informative content, you can help them feel more connected to the company. This is especially true if you decide to use your videos in a branded way.

A branded way of using your explainer videos is if you use them for every launch that you have. Or even for upcoming events. When your employees expect it, they feel that sense of inclusion.

This is also likely to lead to increased productivity which we’ll touch on. In fact, employee engagement is one of the most important factors in determining organizational success.

Increasing Productivity

Another benefit of using videos for internal communications is that they can help to increase productivity. By providing employees with the information they need to perform their tasks in more efficient ways, you can help them to save time and get more work done.


Improving Employee Retention

Another benefit of using videos for internal communications is that they can help to improve employee retention. When employees feel connected to the company and engaged in their work, they are less likely to leave.

How to Create an Explainer Video for Internal Communications

If you’re interested in creating an explainer video for your internal communications, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are a few tips:

Keep it Simple

When creating an explainer video, it’s important to keep the content as simple as you can. The goal is to communicate a complex concept in a way that is easy to understand. This can be accomplished by using short, concise explanations and visual aids.

Remember, people often resonate more with visuals so this is your chance to put everything useful in front of your audience.

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Use Humor

A little bit of humor can go a long way in making an explainer video more engaging. This is especially true if the topic is dry or very complex. Adding a touch of humor will help to capture employee attention and keep them engaged with the video.

Of course, this should be in moderation, but keep in mind that you can use whatever tone of voice is appropriate for the message you want to deliver. The good thing is that all of these videos are completely customizable. So, you can always modify your content as needed.

Tell a Story

Stories are a powerful way to connect with employees on an emotional level. When creating an explainer video, try to tell a story that illustrates the company’s values or mission. This will help employees feel connected to the company and more likely to internalize the message of the video.

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Keep it Short

Explainer videos should be short, sweet, and to the point. The average attention span of an adult is only about eight seconds, so it’s important to make sure your video doesn’t two minutes in length. Longer videos can be difficult to keep employees full focus.

Use Animated Characters

Animated characters are a great way to capture employee attention and make the video more fun and light. Keep in mind that the characters you decided to use are up to what you need for your deliverable.

Using characters however will help to lighten the content, making it that much more relatable and easy to remember once the video is over. Additionally, animated characters are easily adaptable to any industry.

This makes this method an ideal method for marketers within any area of expertise. If you have a startup you might benefit from a helpful video that is specific to startups. This will help you to connect to your target audience better, or to connect better with your team.

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The Bottom Line

The benefits of using internal communications videos are very clear. They’re an effective tool for increasing engagement, clarity, and brand awareness among employees and your audience. Additionally, they’re a fun and engaging way to communicate complex concepts.

If you’re interested in creating an explainer video for your internal communications, follow the tips above and consider working with an animated explainer video production agency like Punchy Digital Media to streamline the experience.

Navigating how to make effective explainer videos can be a bit difficult if you aren’t sure how to do it so professional help may be a great option. It’s also the best way to get exactly what you need with an all-in-one tool.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today, to learn more.

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