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Defining how to Catch & Target the Perfect Consumer

Defining how to Catch & Target the Perfect Consumer

Business? Check! Ideas? Check! All you need now is an effective way to get your business out there and recognised by all and sundry in the most effective way possible. Pretty simple, right? But unfortunately, this is where a lot of businesses get stuck. Some take a spaghetti marketing approach—throwing everything at the wall to … Read More

Different Types of Animation Videos and How They Can Be Used for Your Business

Animated videos (also known as animated explainer videos) are a popular way to engage with customers and potential business prospects. From big-budget advertisements to simple low-budget promotional videos, we know our stuff. Have you been considering making an animation video for your business? Keep reading! Learn all about the different types of animation videos you could make. … Read More

The Best 10 Examples of Explainer Videos

Did you know that grocery shopping is shifting to become an online experience? Data indicate that up to 12% of online sales are in grocery shopping. Of course, the pandemic did a lot to push this statistic, but it doesn’t seem to be changing. Online shopping seems to be becoming only ever more prevalent over time. And … Read More

How to Use Engaging Videos for Students Learning Online

In the midst of COVID-19, there are so many unanswered questions. One fact is certain, though: we’re all trudging through a mess of new experiences and adaptations right now. Each of our lives looks different today, but every teacher in Australia is dealing with the tough transition to virtual learning. If engagement was an issue … Read More

The Importance of Embedding Video in Email Marketing Campaigns

According to recent statistics, about 65% of people are visual learners. As someone who’s thinking about beginning a new email marketing strategy, this is a fact that you’ll need to keep in mind when thinking about how to best engage your audience. Visuals like photos and infographics are a good start, but nothing- and we … Read More

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