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Our project on renewable energy with ARENA and the Clean Energy Council.

Let’s talk renewable energy! It’s important for our future and Punchy Digital Media created an explainer video about it, so it must be important.

It’s time for change.

Rising power costs and an uncertain future in energy markets have hit many Australian businesses hard in recent months. For that reason alone, and for others besides, the moment has come for corporate Australia to step up its interest and investment in renewable energy.

It all started with a breakfast event hosted by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Council.

CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton said many businesses had watched unprepared as wholesale energy costs doubled or even tripled in recent months. “We find ourselves in an energy crisis,” he said.

Australia trails behind other nations when it comes to companies using renewable energy.

Fewer than half of Australian companies are using renewables and, among those who are, only around ten per cent of energy use is provided by those sources.

What do we do to change that? We need to help get the message out there!

So we made a video and eye-catching infographics!

The goal here is to make sure every Australian understands how renewable energy will help businesses and our future.

This is the online animated explainer video that us at Punchy Digital Media created to get the information to the public.

Business Of Renewables from ARENA on Vimeo.

We also created some static infographics that kept in theme to visually show information quickly! (who doesn’t enjoy information given to them quickly?)

These are also shown on ARENA’s blog post which you can also read here 

Let us know what you think! Or better yet, if you really like our stuff, give us a call at 1300 886 572

OR email us at

and we can organise to create an explainer video for your business too!





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