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Why Shorter is better

Why Shorter is better – How to use short concise videos for effectiveness and to adhere to today’s fast paced life.

Time to get to work, you’ve found yourself a quiet place open up a blank document ready to put all your ideas to paper and ding your phone goes off. Attention lost!

Unfortunately that’s how easy it is to lose concentration in this day and age, as much as you would love to think you don’t have time for that quick facebook stalk no matter what is happening at the time you will find a way.

Why shorter is better - How to ensure your Video Advertisment captures the audiences attention

Attention spans are shorter than ever and we are becoming very accustom to getting the information we want at the click of a button, which is why your Video Advertisement needs to be short and concise.

It was reported in the newspaper The Guardian that, ‘the current generation of internet consumers live in a world of instant gratification and quick fixes, which leads to a loss of patience and a lack of deep thinking’ (Weatherhead, R 2014).

People are likely to be watching your advertisement on lunch breaks or in their down time at home, they need something fun and refreshing an escape from their own work and a reason to invest in yours.

You don’t have long to catch your consumers attention, with Fast Company Online estimating just a 20-second range from the moment they press play to capture their attention before they move on to another site (Sheldon, K 2012).

A good way to ensure your video is short and still consise is following Tim Danyos  ‘Rule of One’s’ which encapualtes the idea of sticking to one thing (Danyo, T. 2012).

Danyo breaks it up into 6 different ‘one’s’:

– One Minute

– One Subject

– One Example

– One Benefit

– One Call to Action

Sticking to these one’s can benefit your company as it doesn’t confuse your consumer, you only have so much time you need to not take one second of that for advantage.

By Natasha Giannetti

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