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Videos and Events

Have you noticed how many videos are being made at events lately? But what exactly are they being used for? Surely nobody is sitting down to watch hours of a conference they couldn’t attend. Well, you’re right. Maybe somewhere, someone is watching hour upon hour of conference footage, but it’s pretty unlikely. Those cameras are being used to capture more than just people walking around the space.

Promotional footage

Gather some promotional footage at your event. There are so many options of what you could use, here. Try talking to some of your customers. Show off your customer interactions and seek customer testimonials. Obviously this is dependent on what kind of event you’re hosting, but speak to as many guests as you can and collect their reactions to your business. Announcing a new product? Show some future customers getting excited about it. Film all sorts of aspects of your event for use in future promotional videos. These could be placed on your website, included in a commercial or used to promote your next event.

Expert information

Film your guest speakers. Better still, speak to them one on one and find out some things they didn’t say during their speech. This could be useful footage for your website. Show off some hot tips and insider information from an industry professional.
Consider ahead of time where you will utilise this footage. If you plan on using it to promote a future function, plan your questions accordingly. Maybe your next event will have a different theme and you can ask questions in line with that.

An audience is more likely to trust an expert.

An audience is more likely to trust an expert.

Event summary

While I stand by what I said earlier about nobody wanting to spend hours watching all of your footage, a summary of the event can be extremely beneficial for you. Perhaps there were important investors that were unable to attend. Having footage you can send them later could help you maintain a high level of communication with them. It can also provide valuable product information for potential investors, which could lead to paying customers.

Filming can be a complex and time consuming process. It is often best to hire a professional.

Allowing a videographer full access to your event could benefit you in ways you haven’t even considered yet.

By Emma Wilkinson

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