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Too cool for school – Why it’s important for your Video Advertisement to be up to date with what’s on trend.

Too cool for school Video Advertising

Too cool for school – Why it’s important for your Video Advertisement to be up to date with what’s on trend.

Now when we say ‘On Trend‘ this doesnt mean you have to run out and by the latest pair of Converse.

You don’t have to be the most fashion conscious person in your industry, it’s social media that gives a new meaning to being on trend.

What’s trending is the top news or anything that is making its presence known on social media.

As spoken about in the previous post, the ALS challenge took the world by storm, Samsung saw how fiercely this movement was trending and used it as part of their advertisment.

Here we have the perfect example of a company taking what is trending and helping them to connect to their audience with its video generating 62,299 shares.

This kind of exposure is great as social media gives it the tool to spread fast.

Its no new news a big retailer jumping on the Christmas bandwagon months people people even want to begin thinking about the silly season, but here Kmart has turned that into a way to self-promote in a fun and innovative way.  In this they are not only following the trend of the oncoming Christmas season, but also putting up a great fight against competitors as they are making fun out of a situation all whilst promoting the special sales they have in store.

This is an example of how following what is in trend and looking at what others are doing and working upon that assists in creating the perfect video advertisement.

Keeping up with whats on trend doesn’t always have to be seasonal or a movement but can also be a person who is making waves in the video world.

Freshpet picked up ‘apparently kid’ after a video he was in reached over 15 million views on Youtube, then after he was invited to be on the Ellen Degeneres show. After his success, bubbly attitude and infectious humor Freshpet picked him up for their advertisement and it helped give their video advertisment approximately 3,210,426 views.

Considering a short video of him making some hilarious comments got him 15 million views it was easy to see why FreshPet were keen to have him on board.

Your consumer wants to feel they are part of what is new and currently in trend and you want to ensure your product or service is exactly that.

By Natasha Giannetti

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