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Create an online marketing video for older audiences

Let’s get down to some serious marketing video business!

An online marketing video will commonly target younger generations, but don’t forget about the older generation too!

With the growing number of older adults taking advantage of social media right now, brands and online marketers need to keep this key demographic in mind while designing their marketing campaigns, especially if they’re your target audience.

Baby Boomers are serious online shoppers and are growing as social media users, so it’s handy to know how to market a video towards them.

The older generation favour Facebook as the top social media platform, meaning that if your video is going to be splashed around the net, then Facebook is a key marketing video tool to targeting an older audience.

According to the International Business Times, it is the 55+ crowd that keep signing up to Facebook, expanding their growth.

Which makes sense, because it’s the teens and 20-somethings that are leaving Facebook to use the other social media platforms, which makes baby boomers, the new Facebook users.

That being said, more older people are getting online in general! So it might be worth also looking into other platforms for your digital marketing video. They may not be online AS OFTEN as millennials, but that shouldn’t mean you should dismiss them altogether.

One way to effectively engage an older audience might be to divide your budget into two: half to spend on online marketing videos and promoting them, and the other half to spend on other media like TV or newspaper ads depending on which one best suits your ideal buyer. Or just start slow with your marketing video and increase when there’s a rise in success.

Older consumers of today also are more likely to have a higher disposable income and therefore are open to trying new brands and products online.

marketing video older generations

According to the Older Consumers Factsheet by the Australian Government, 50-69 year olds hold more than 40% of the nation’s wealth and 78% of Baby Boomers are online! They are just begging to be marketed towards!

Now, you still might still be thinking that there’s no point in targeting the older generation via video marketing. Will it even be worth it?

The short answer is yes.

Even if your target audience is not typically a group of Internet users, an online marketing video isn’t content that needs to cost tons of money. Therefor, creating an online video will always be a good investment for your company to increase its presence on the Internet. Plus, with the oldies becoming more tech savvy than ever, they might just stumble upon it.

marketing video older age

What has been a great online marketing video that you have seen, that was best suited for the older generation?

Gemma Rowley

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