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Recognise your competition and make sure your customers know why you’re their number one choice

No matter what field of work you are in you are going to experience some form of competition. Competition is healthy – it makes you strive to be the best and stand above your competitors, but how do you do this?

Find out what sets you apart

Yes you will have similarities with many different aspects of companies, but you have to find that one thing that sets you apart.

When it comes to your Digital Advertising it could be a funny anecdote featured in your advertisement that leaves a lasting impression with your customer. You need to make an impression so for example, if you’re looking to be number one in the fitness industry you then need to ensure you are the fitness go-to person so as soon as your customer thinks fitness they think of you.

Build a Following

Your customers want to feel a part of something bigger than you company, if you offer newsletters, blogs or emails to be sent to them or available to read you will create a tribe of people who all have a vested interest in not only your product but also how you promote it.

This in turn builds trust and credibility for your company and personalises your brand.

Make your Customer want more

Your web video production has to relay your mission statement and your company’s objectives in a short concise, yet effective way. However, you can’t give away too much of your product you need to leave something to the imagination. Your promotional video production should make your customer want more and be desperate to click into your product to check out what is it and what it does.

This can be done through effective marketing and also a strong Call To Action, which will tell your customer they need to act ASAP, rather than just when they have a spare moment. This will mean more focus on your company rather than your competitors.

Be number one in your business with Digital Advertising

Use these tip to help you stand out from your competitors and ensure you are the go to person with your digital advertisement!

By Natasha Giannetti


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