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A new minimum HSC standard has arrived.


Did you know we created a whiteboard animation video for the NSW Education Standards Authority?

Why? Because there’s a new minimum HSC standard.

From 2020, students in NSW must meet the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to be eligible for the HSC credential.

The changes are designed to help motivate and challenge students to achieve at their highest possible level, reduce excessive stress and give students more skills and career options.

And even though it won’t affect those doing their HSC in 2017, 2018 or 2019, it’s important to know about these implemented changes now.

This year’s Year 9 students are the first year group that needs to demonstrate a minimum standard to receive the HSC in 2020.

This begins with NAPLAN.

Advanced students who get Band 8s or above in Year 9 NAPLAN reading, writing and numeracy will demonstrate the HSC minimum standard early, and won’t need to sit online tests later.

Students who don’t get a NAPLAN Band 8 can still sit their HSC exams. So an example of how it would work looks like this:

HSC minimum standard reference table

To meet the new minimum standard, students need to pass new online reading, writing and numeracy tests developed by NESA. To know what the minimum standard is, you can read more here.

At Punchy Digital Media we were honoured to take on the project of creating a video that was informative and engaging for our future students and parents to build a #StrongerHSC.

With a tight deadline, we managed to deliver a successful result before the 2017 NAPLAN test period (9-11 May). We even made it on NESA’s homepage!

There’s currently 7,853 views on NSW Education Standards Authourity’s YouTube channel and we want this to grow even more to get the message out there.

Watch the HSC Minimum Standard explainer whiteboard animation video below.

NESA also just published our second video we created for them on the 10th of August. Watch that one while you’re here too!

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