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Finding new ways to connect with your audience is a tricky business. In the words of Calvin of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, “you can’t just turn creativity on like a faucet.” Even when you’re working with a team, there will be times that no one is able to come up with a single good idea. It could be because your industry is going through a quiet time of year, it could be because something has gone wrong recently and you’re a bit scared to take risks. It happens to everyone, but not everyone deals with it the same way.

How right you are, Calvin.

How right you are, Calvin.

Some businesses just stop making videos until they can come up with better ideas. This means you’re no longer staying in the front of the customer’s mind. You risk becoming stale and forgotten, or worse still: boring.

Alternatively, make a video based on the best idea of a bad lot. Sometimes this can work. You’ll remind your customer that you’re still there, but you won’t grab their attention particularly well. They’re still likely to forget about you or, if they can no longer relate, turn away to a competitor.

So what can you do? Start looking at new places for inspiration.

Social Media

Twitter and Facebook conveniently tell you what topics are trending around the world. If your target audience is made up of heavy social media users, use these topics to find something that interests them. For example, Pokemon Go has been trending regularly since it’s release. Is there a way you can use this? Of course, keep it relevant. Using the Pokemon Go trend to help sell an anti wrinkle cream is probably a bit of a stretch.


Take a look at a calendar for inspiration. Is there any particular event coming up? Maybe you can tie that in with your product. A major holiday like Christmas or Easter might not be your style, but look into lesser known days such as “National Best Friend Day” or “World Chocolate Day” for inspiration. (Check out National Day Calendar for a complete list. It’s an American site, but the International Days section is being built up).

When done well, seasonal advertising can be artistic and beautiful.


Look to the locals. See what’s going on. This obviously depends on your business, but if you’re a retail shop in Belgrave, look to pair up with the End of the Line Festival and see what you can achieve. Film the locals and the local culture to boost visits, both online and in person. Not only can you utilise events in this way, but also local music or local art.

If you’re still struggling to find the right angle for your next video, mingle with your audience and get to know them. Find a way to meet them on their level and figure out what they want to see. Good luck!

For more suggestions, read up on Five Things Your Video Needs.


By Emma Wilkinson

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