The Good, The Bad and the Viral

Give your Video Audience Building skills to become the good type of Viral When some people think of Viral they thinking of phlegm ridden throats and runny noses, but to be an advertising winner when you think Viral you must think advertising. We have all [...]


Not pride, but prejudice: Bad first impressions will haunt your customers

Lemony Snicket said, “First impressions are often entirely wrong. The first time you try Gorgonzola cheese you may find it too strong, but when you are older you may want to eat nothing but Gorgonzola cheese.”   Although Mr. Snicket may be somewhat correct, his [...]


The end is nigh: How to conclude a video successfully

Have you ever read a book only to get to the end and throw it against the wall in a rage of fury and disappointment? Left the cinema halfway during a movie, the A-list actors and killer soundtrack falling apart into a pit of despair [...]


Small Screen is the new Big Screen

Why Video Marketing on the Small Screen (Mobile/Tablets) is becoming more important than the Big Screen (TV, Movies)   We are all guilty of unapologetically scrolling through our news feeds or emails whilst watching television or at the movies. It is a habit and becoming [...]


Out with the old and in with the new

How Video Advertising is taking the world by storm and why you need it for company growth For many of us we are able to recall those times where you had to choose between making a call and searching online, however for newer generations a [...]


Too cool for school – Why it’s important for your Video Advertisement to be up to date with what’s on trend.

Too cool for school – Why it’s important for your Video Advertisement to be up to date with what’s on trend. Now when we say ‘On Trend‘ this doesnt mean you have to run out and by the latest pair of Converse. You don’t have [...]


#HASHTAGSUCCESS – Around the world in 60 seconds

How Video Hashtagging can spread your message fast as lightning As of late, the term hiding under a rock could easily be held in conjuction with simply not checking social media religiously. The power of a simple hashtag can reach millions. This kind of power [...]


Hook, Line and Sinker

– How to catch the perfect consumer –   Business? Check! Ideas? Check! All you need now is an effective way to get your business out there and known through the most effective way possible. Suprisingly studies have found that consumers will give websites only [...]


James Marcon Youth Health Foundation

  About Us: The James Marcon Youth Health Foundation is a non-profit organisation that embraces the channelling of art to aid in the recovery of children and youth affected by mental illness. The foundation creates a platform whereby children and youth can feel empowered to [...]


“Crying may get you what you want: The importance of two-way communication”

Imagine being a toddler again, your mother denying you a third chocolate treat or refusing to let you stay up until 5:30PM for Bananas In Pyjamas. The anger boiling up inside of you, the strain of a difficult, restricted life taking its toll on your [...]


The “Dollar Shave Club” Effect: You Want a Video Like This

Yes, we’ve all seen it (and if you seriously haven’t, get on it1) and we love it. But what is it about the Dollar Shave Club video that’s so f***ing great? More than just their blades.   1. It’s simple and it tells it like [...]


The customer is not only always right, they are the only thing that matters

  You’ve no doubt heard countless tips and advice on making your online business video. but I’m going to narrow it down for you in one time-saving, easy sentence: Y o u r   c u s t o m e r   i s   # 1 [...]

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