Music vs Voiceover – What’s more effective?

When choosing between the two, when you don’t want to use both, there are a number of things that have to be taken into account. The first is what are you trying to sell to your audience? Every branded video is trying to impress something [...]

growing with video

Growing with video

If you already have 100% of your target market and that market has no chance of growing any bigger, you can stop reading now. For everybody else, whether you’re a start up or an existing company with an established customer base, there’s always room for [...]


Planning your online video strategy

Online video marketing is a sure way to boost your sales and convert leads to customers. Before you get started, it’s crucial you make a plan. Here are some tips on what to include: Timeline Start off by planning the planning process. Brainstorm everything that [...]


Live video and marketing

Facebook live videos are the biggest update to happen to Facebook since they introduced hashtags. That leaves a lot of businesses asking themselves, “should I or shouldn’t I?” The pros of live video: Cost: Depending what kind of stream you’re going to do, you can [...]


Wanted: Inspiration

  Finding new ways to connect with your audience is a tricky business. In the words of Calvin of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, “you can’t just turn creativity on like a faucet.” Even when you’re working with a team, there will be times that [...]


Videos and Events

Have you noticed how many videos are being made at events lately? But what exactly are they being used for? Surely nobody is sitting down to watch hours of a conference they couldn’t attend. Well, you’re right. Maybe somewhere, someone is watching hour upon hour of [...]


The top 5 marketing videos you may not have seen

Looking to make an online business video for your company but have no idea where to start? Lacking original inspiration after spending hours watching other companies’ innovative plans unfold through funny/emotional/clever techniques in their videos? There are many marketing videos out there, a lot of [...]


How to market to young people

    Before I start talking about how to market to “young people,” you should know that I fall into this category. I’m talking about 16 to 25 year olds (of which I am one), and the occasional immature 30 year old, not children. That’s [...]


You have your online business video: What now?

So you’ve made or purchased an online business video – it looks and sounds great, it sells your product or service well… But how do you go from zero to hero in terms of gaining busloads of customers and new clients?   You can optimise [...]


Creating a script when you aren’t creative

  Writing a script is a challenge at the best of times, even for those with many years of experience. You, however, have never written a script before in your life. Your business has decided to look into using video online as part of their [...]


Why use videos on business websites?

You’ve hired a website designer, taken professional staff photos, created a letterhead… Do you feel like you’re missing something? Is there a space on your webpage begging to be filled? A business video on your home page may be just what you need.   “Why [...]


The how-to’s of explainer videos

Where would we be without the cartoon illustrations IKEA provides with its as-yet-unassembled furniture? Sitting on a plank of cheap wood and sorting the smaller nails from the larger ones, most likely.       Your customers may need more guidance when it comes to [...]

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