Blending video with web design company secrets – the perfect formula for website conversion

We recently had the privilege to interview Founder and Director of multi award winning web design agency Chromatix, Irwin Hau, who shared some amazing insight with us on how they’ve successfully increased their clients engagement and conversion with video. Here’s a summary of what they [...]


How long exactly does it take to create a professional video?

  At Punchy Digital Media we aim to deliver to every deadline requested to create an online video. Whether your business wants one ASAP or plans well in advance…. We’ve heard it all. From 2 days to 2 months, but just how long can you [...]


7 headline suggestions to drive more traffic today!

Is something as simple as a headline impacting your online traffic? Especially in todays age, there’s one thing you don’t want your headline to look like on your business; clickbait. If you want your headlines to gain attention, rather than be ignored by thousands of [...]


Our projects for the Greater Sydney Commission

Directions for a Greater Sydney has been produced by the Greater Sydney Commission to better integrate land use and infrastructure to deliver a more productive, liveable and sustainable Greater Sydney to 2056. Punchy Digital Media were fortunate enough to create a video explaining how these [...]


Our project on renewable energy with ARENA and the Clean Energy Council.

Let’s talk renewable energy! It’s important for our future and Punchy Digital Media created an explainer video about it, so it must be important. It’s time for change. Rising power costs and an uncertain future in energy markets have hit many Australian businesses hard in [...]


We created a video for award winning RACGP for ShareGP

ShareGP is a space for over 35,000 RACGP GPs and registrars to connect with one another in a GP only, online space. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) was awarded a prestigious international prize for ShareGP, only six months after the platform was [...]


Breathe Well device explained with the help of Punchy Digital Media

  It’s always nice to feel prepared for any occasion. Especially if it’s to do with breathing! Punchy Digital Media created an information video for Breathe Well. Breathe Well enables accurate and efficient deep inspiration breath holds for cancer radiation therapy, to greatly reduce radiation damage [...]


A new minimum HSC standard has arrived.

Did you know we created a whiteboard animation video for the NSW Education Standards Authority? Why? Because there’s a new minimum HSC standard. From 2020, students in NSW must meet the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to be eligible for the HSC credential. The [...]


Animated video Vs Live video for your next online marketing scheme

The online video trend is going absolutely nuts! There’s so much great content out there that you might even be feeling a little overwhelmed about what kind of video your business should create! It’s a little bit like asking ‘cats vs dogs’, ‘apples vs oranges’ or ‘tea [...]


Business app ‘LinkedIn’ now utilising online video better.

LinkedIn is probably the last social media platform to really jump onto the online video bandwagon, but never the less its coming! And with a twist. Just like other social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn will be able to see [...]


What are your explainer video options you might ask?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering whether or not to make an explainer video for your company’s marketing campaign. Considering you’re also on Punchy Digital Media, you are in a great place to look into it further. Through the explainer video process, we [...]


Optimise search results on your YouTube videos today

  So, you’ve got a digital marketing video ready to go! You’ve put it on your site, now you should put it on YouTube to gain traffic. Or vice versa, some put it on YouTube first. Regardless of which way you do it, Youtube is a [...]

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