Optimize Images And Videos For Online Marketing

  When it comes to digital marketing, most business owners don’t only rely on the text elements of a page. They also care about the use and optimization of other factors such as images and videos. For instance, web pages with at least one image [...]


The Best SEO Digital Marketing Companies for Dentists

  During the olden days, dentists just sit and wait for patients to come in. Because there is very few competition back then, marketing is not necessary. The patients go to the clinic because it may be the only dental clinic in that area. However, [...]


Videos And SEO: Strategies To Rank High Using Videos

  Videos are great tools for marketing. They are being used more and more for advertising. If you are not using videos as a part of your marketing strategy, you are falling behind the trend.   Videos help with people who are more visual and [...]


Online Reputation Management and Why It’s So Important for Your Business

The Internet plays a huge role in everyone’s lives today. Whether you’re a parent, student, or young professional, the Internet can help you complete your tasks promptly without spending too much time and effort. You basically just have to input your questions and concerns online [...]


SEO and How To Do It The Right Way

SEO and How to Do It the Right Way   There are many reasons why businesses should create a website optimized for search engines. Having one increases a business’s ranking in the search engines results pages, which can result in better brand visibility and audiencereach. [...]


Tips To Making Sure Your Website Is Backed Up In The Cloud

Tips to Making Sure Your Website Is Backed Up in the Cloud If you’re running a website, be it for a personal blog or a company, you have to make sure everything is backed up nicely. In today’s day and age, a simple mistake in [...]


Key Power Tips For Building A Digital Marketing Strategy

Key Power Tips For Building A Digital Marketing Strategy When you want to take your digital marketing to the next level, you might be looking into best practices and modern strategies that you could apply for your needs. However, these might be tricky, given not [...]


How Call Tracking Can Work For Your Business

When you hear the term “call tracking,” you might think about “tracking calls.” With respect to your business, that actually is what call tracking does – but it’s not just the only thing call tracking can help you assess. Interestingly, call tracking tools actually have [...]


Blending video with web design company secrets – the perfect formula for website conversion

We recently had the privilege to interview Founder and Director of multi award winning web design agency Chromatix, Irwin Hau, who shared some amazing insight with us on how they’ve successfully increased their clients engagement and conversion with video. Here’s a summary of what they [...]


How long exactly does it take to create a professional video?

  At Punchy Digital Media we aim to deliver to every deadline requested to create an online video. Whether your business wants one ASAP or plans well in advance…. We’ve heard it all. From 2 days to 2 months, but just how long can you [...]


7 headline suggestions to drive more traffic today!

Is something as simple as a headline impacting your online traffic? Especially in todays age, there’s one thing you don’t want your headline to look like on your business; clickbait. If you want your headlines to gain attention, rather than be ignored by thousands of [...]


Our projects for the Greater Sydney Commission

Directions for a Greater Sydney has been produced by the Greater Sydney Commission to better integrate land use and infrastructure to deliver a more productive, liveable and sustainable Greater Sydney to 2056. Punchy Digital Media were fortunate enough to create a video explaining how these [...]

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