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Why you should never use your TVC online

Television commercials can be great. Take a look at some of the work TAC has done over the years, for example. Many of these ads tell a story. They use a beginning, middle and end to play with your emotions and shock you into action.

This can also work for online video…but not in the same way.

Let’s say you’re creating a video for your own website. You have a lot more flexibility than a thirty second television spot will offer you, so why would you waste it with the same old commercial? Many of the visitors to your website have already seen that commercial; you’re wasting their time. If you want to tell a story, you’re no longer restricted to thirty seconds. However, the way you tell the story must be entirely different to a television commercial. Viewers are fickle. It is all too easy for them to close your video and it’s up to you to make sure they don’t. Be engaging within the first few seconds, and ensure your video doesn’t run too long to keep their interest.

Grab their attention before they lose interest

Grab their attention before they lose interest

Of course, story-telling is not the only technique you can use online. Again, let’s say your video is appearing on the company website. Identify that anyone viewing the video here is actively seeking more information. Chances are, they’ve already seen your television spot, and they’ve taken another step in getting to know your brand. Use your video now to give them more information, but do so with a bit of urgency; convert those clicks to sales. Why should they use your brand? Do you have recent product news? Use this space to tell your audience a bit about the company. Help them relate to you in a way your television audience can’t.

It doesn’t matter what tactic you choose to use, just be sure you use it well.

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By Emma Wilkinson

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