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Why bother with an explainer video?

I am the laziest person I know. I have been known to watch entire episodes of Antiques Roadshow because the remote was just out of reach and my phone had died. Once, I lost power at home and decided to take a nap where I was lying rather than get up and find something else to do, despite having just woke up. So yes, I understand why you might choose to write your product explanation rather than make a video…it’s so much less time consuming and less effort.

Too lazy for an explainer video

The daily struggle

Unfortunately for lazy people like myself, the growing popularity and success rate of online video cannot be denied.

So why are online videos becoming so important?


When I was in high school literature, my teacher used to tell me not to tell the audience, but show them. I’m certain he wasn’t talking about web content and explainer videos, but as a literature teacher, I’m sure he’d appreciate my interpretation. Seeing how a product works is far simpler for your audience to understand than reading it.

Information retention:

Watching a video will hold attention longer and prevent your customer from flicking back to Facebook halfway through. They’ll watch to the end, understand your product and – here’s the best part – remember it! How many times have you read something and realised you didn’t absorb a word of it?


I’m not the only one with motivation issues here. Your audience is on the same page. It’s much easier and faster to watch a brief explainer video than read a lengthy explanation. In fact, a lot of people won’t bother to read any of your content…at all.

There you have it. Time for you and I to get our lazy selves off the couch and start making that explainer video. Or we could ask someone else to do it.

By Emma Wilkinson

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