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How to successfully create a sense of urgency to evoke a call of action from your customer

 Have you ever been caught in a vicious bidding war? Whether it be Ebay, an Auction or a Daily Deals offer, somehow once the bidding adrenalin your stop price slowly gets bigger by the offer and it becomes more of a pride and competitive things rather than the product itself.

 Why in these instances are you so quick to go throw your price budget out the window?

 You have your friend adrenalin to thank for that.

 People by nature all suffer from a massive notion commonly referred to by One Direction loving teenagers all over the world as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

 Think back till when you were younger if you weren’t allowed to stay out late past a certain time, or go to a party without parents present, it wasn’t that something had happened that made you want to go. What set you into your hormonal fit of rage is the possibility of all the hook ups and gossip your potentially going to miss out on. The What if’s.

 This is the same with products and services; you need your consumer to feel if they don’t act now they will come down with a serious case of FOMO.

 FOMO - Digital Marketing

For example, auctions evoke a sense of urgency, if we don’t get it right now we will miss out or that you’ll miss out at getting the product at a better price to those you’re up against.

 Take Groupon for example, this Daily Deal-esque site presents its target market with a highly desired item at an impressive discount rate but with a catch – there is only a limited time and or quantity to which you can get it. This trick is what has helped Groupon grow to over 50 Million daily subscribers.

 You need to know your intention, what you want to gain from your video, what will make your customers act and what you can offer RIGHT NOW.

 Act Now - Red Button

Make it quick, urgent and get your consumers heart 

pumping faster than those one direction followers.

By Natasha Giannetti

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