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The top 5 marketing videos you may not have seen

Looking to make an online business video for your company but have no idea where to start? Lacking original inspiration after spending hours watching other companies’ innovative plans unfold through funny/emotional/clever techniques in their videos?

There are many marketing videos out there, a lot of which may have great marketing tactics and immense popularity. How do you create something that no one else has seen? Below is a list of five precious gems of marketing genius for your inspiration:

5. I Am A Crisis – The Red Cross
This somewhat haunting video stars a smug teenage girl, playing the character of ‘the crisis’ in a Fight Club-esque, “I am Jack’s smirking revenge” type narration.

Why does it work?
In an atypical charity video example, the Red Cross has taken people’s fear of danger, isolation, poverty and loss, and breathed life into a human girl who embodies these negative elements. She stalks along the streets at night, seemingly ready to attack, a vicious dog at her side, preying on anyone to whom a crisis will occur. Crisis doesn’t discriminate, and “doesn’t care who you are.” At the end, the organisation reminds us of its aim of crisis prevention.

4. The Heart and Sole of Flimby – New Balance
This two-minute video is simple, but speaks volumes – it follows the factory creation process of one pair of New Balance sneakers, made in the small English village of Flimby.

Why does it work?
The title says it all – this video portrays the heart New Balance puts into creating a pair of their shoes, it shows that teamwork is necessary and positive, and also showcases the detailed uniqueness of a brand that creates footwear almost manually. A viewer watching this video will appreciate the work which has gone into their product, as well as enjoy the insightful sneak peak into the world of shoe-making.

On an unusual note: there appears to be no call to action, a vital component when making a video designed to sell. But in fact, the call to action is used in such a subtle way that it doesn’t seem to be there at all: the finished product, packed into a box and ready to be shipped to you, followed by the brand’s logo.

3. Mamma Mia! – Carrefour Market
The employees of French supermarket Carrefour create their own rendition of two ABBA classics, to the pleasant surprise of shoppers.

Why does it work?
The “flashmob” technique has been used frequently in recent years but its effect on people is genuine and exciting, creating a sense of community and happiness. The translation of the songs in French creates national pride (therefore, unity), and this performance will be attributed positively to the supermarket by loyal customers and, hopefully for Carrefour, future shoppers.

2. The Silence of Love – Thai life insurance commercial
A heartbreaking narrative-type commercial that feeds on emotional appeal, and the viewer’s emotions about family, love and sacrifice.

Why does it work?
Apart from the depressing subject matter, the video forces the viewer to think about their own family, the love they have for them, and what they would pay to keep them close and alive. By the end of the video, any viewer watching will consider signing up for life insurance if they value the lives of their loved ones – and feel guilty if they don’t. Pass the tissues, please.

1. Real Beauty Sketches – Dove
This is one a majority of Internet users may have seen – five women find out the difference between the power of negative and positive words, and how they change the way we see ourselves and others. With over 63 million views, it’s a sure hit.

Why does it work?
Beauty and appearance is a subject which relates to millions of people, but perception is one which relates to every single person on the planet. Along with the emotional appeal the video exudes, it seems to offer logical and reasonable evidence that we are all more beautiful than we may believe. Dove offers us a simple message – it cares about every unique customer no matter their appearance.

What did you think of these five examples? What other videos have you seen that inspire you, or are expertly made in terms of marketing?

By Joanna Michalowski

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