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The Importance of Embedding Video in Email Marketing Campaigns

According to recent statistics, about 65% of people are visual learners. As someone who’s thinking about beginning a new email marketing strategy, this is a fact that you’ll need to keep in mind when thinking about how to best engage your audience. Visuals like photos and infographics are a good start, but nothing- and we mean nothing- captures consumer attention like a video can.

Here, we’re going to talk about how you can increase your profits when you embed video in email campaigns. We’re going to take a look at the numbers that prove that video is the most effective marketing strategy and help you figure out the specific type of video that will work best for your business.

Read on to boost your open rate and make your business become rapidly profitable!

Video Marketing: Statistically Proven Effective

Video marketing has been proven an effective strategy for customer engagement time and time again. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the numbers that illustrate that this is the case. We’re also going to take an in-depth look at why this is the case so that you understand the real importance of embedding video into your company email campaigns.

Video Is More Engaging

Visitors have been shown on average to spend 88% more time on pages that have video content than those that don’t. This means that those who read your email will be more likely to read it thoroughly rather than simply skim it. When people are thorough, you’ll have more opportunities to tell them about the services that you have to offer and the deals that mean that they should hire you today.

The fact that video content is more engaging also means that it’s more memorable. Consider the sea of emails that fill your inbox every day from various companies that try to sell you a service. Chances are, there are thousands of total emails but only a couple of them that you can name! Chances also are that these companies used an engaging graphic in the email body that made you laugh, and that’s precisely what you’re remembering right now.

You don’t want to end up in your target audience’s spam folders. You want to be the company that people remember and click on the newsletter for. The statistically proven way to achieve this goal is to engage people with videos.

Video Content Gets More Shares

In addition to engaging the people that you target your email to, using video clips in your email campaigns will ultimately get the word out there to other potential clients. Why? Well, as it turns out, people share video content 1,200% more often than other forms of media!

The very people who you’ve motivated to thoroughly read the body of your email are likely to forward it to friends and family. Whether this is because they think your product looks useful or simply because they think the video is funny is irrelevant. More people will hear about your business and they’ll remember you the next time they want a service like those that you offer.

You also will have more of an opportunity to track who your target audience is this way (and expand it). It may turn out that a demographic that you hadn’t even considered has great use for your services… a demographic that was reached by email forwards or Facebook shares from the target audience that you already have identified. As long as you have the appropriate analytics software on your webpage, this will be easy for you to look into!

Video Promotes Product Purchases

In addition to being more engaging and getting more visibility, a video has been proven to be more profitable than other forms of marketing. In fact, 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video on a specific good or service!

This could be for many different reasons.

Primarily, it’s thought that video helps to establish a person-to-person connection that text can’t capture. When a person sees another human being discussing your service and how it has benefitted them, they’re more likely to empathize with and care for the person speaking. This helps to establish some level of loyalty to your brand- they like the person in the video and want to do right by them. It sounds strange, but it’s true!

Additionally, if your video shows your product in action, people will feel that they have a deeper understanding of how it works. This makes them more likely to feel that they have enough knowledge to make an immediate investment in the services that you offer.

The Importance of Each Type of Video

Now that you know why embedding video in marketing campaigns is an effective strategy, it’s time to take a look at the main types of video that you have to choose from. Explainers, live-action scripted videos, and computerised animation are all great options that are equally viable marketing tactics. Read on for the specific benefits of each so that you can decide which is best for your needs!

Explainers and Testimonials

An explainer video is one where an individual human being gets in front of the camera and explains what your service does. It generally takes the form of a testimonial. These videos will usually be from the point of view of someone that has tried and loved your services, even though the person speaking will likely be an engaging actor that our professional firm hires.

They may discuss the benefits of your services over competitors, what your services can be used for, or cite statistics as to how using your company can help clients. The possibilities are limitless!

While explainer videos appear to be organic and conversational, they are in fact scripted. You’ll 100% have a say as to what the speaker emphasizes about your business and how it’s portrayed. This ensures that your marketing campaign will be on-brand and maintain a friendly tone that consumers love.

Some of the specific benefits of explainer videos are:

  • More opportunities for in-depth discussion about what your business does
  • An emphasis on human-to-human engagement (your customers will relate to the person in the video)
  • Casual, seemingly effortless delivery that makes consumers believe your services to be effortlessly good
  • Less expensive than other alternatives because a smaller team will work on it

Live-Action Scripted Video

Another option for your email marketing campaign is the use of a live-action scripted video. This is essentially a short film that we help you create to promote your business (or a specific product or deal that you offer.) Think about the sorts of trailers that you see in between YouTube videos- that’s pretty much what we’re talking about here.

In these videos, you can create little scenarios that consumers are sure to find amusing. Simple characters that can get people to relate to them are a must, as are a few clever jokes. You’re going to want to somehow incorporate the benefits of your services into the script for this video, which is something that our professionals will be more than happy to talk with you about in detail.

These videos are great if you don’t have a lot of specific information or data that you want to convey. The point here is mostly to amuse and engage the audience before writing about your services in the body of your email.

Some benefits of these live-action trailers are:

  • Opportunities for jokes and humorous situations
  • Potential to create characters that the audience identifies with
  • Chances for these characters to interact with both one another and the things that your business offers
  • Demonstration of how specific products or services can be used (including the people who use them, the places that they’re effective, etc.)


Finally, using animated videos and moving graphics is a great way to bring your ideas to life.

You can use animation much like you can use live-action video- to create a skit of what it’s like to use the services that your business offers. However, animation provides the opportunity for exaggerated scenarios and slapstick comedy that a live-action film could not. There are fewer rules in animated videos because you aren’t bound by practical restrictions.

Animated videos are the single best way to convey numerical data and statistics to people. Consumers generally become bored when presented with a lot of data, but animation provides them with something funny and engaging to pay attention to. Since they’ll associate your statistics with the entertaining animation, they’ll also be more likely to remember it later. The data can be incorporated into the video using bold text or audio that corresponds to what’s happening on-screen.

Some of the biggest advantages of using our animation studio are:

  • Colourful, eye-catching videos that consumers are sure to be drawn to
  • Opportunities for relatable characters that potential clients can connect to
  • Funny scenarios that wouldn’t be prudent with a live cast
  • Content that people are likely to share with friends (due to it being humorous/over the top)

Why Embed in Email Specifically?

Alright, so you understand the importance of engaging video content in marketing. That’s great! But what makes embedding it into an email important? Couldn’t you just put it on your website and call it a day?

Well, having video content on your website is important, too. However, this content will only be seen by those who go out of their way to visit your website. This takes effort that those who aren’t aware that they’re actively searching for your services are unlikely to put into finding you.

Embedding video in email is a way to reach those who otherwise wouldn’t see it. Your target audience- the people that you send the email to- are more likely to see an email than to search up a service that they’re unaware that they need. It’s therefore essential for you to embed video in email so that these potential clients can be engaged. They don’t necessarily know that they’re looking for your service, so you really need to sell it!

Email is also a medium that it’s incredibly easy to embed email into. After creating your video and including you in every step of the production process, our experts will convert the file into whatever format is easiest for you to deal with. This includes HTML that can be easily embedded into an email that you send out. You won’t need to tinker with foreign code at all- you’ll just need to include a link within the body of your email text.

In the end, email is just another way that you can market your services. It works in conjunction with your official website and social media pages to ensure that you’re maximizing the number of people who have the chance to engage with you.

Embed Video in Email Today

There are lots of reasons to embed video content into the emails that your company sends out to consumers and many different types of videos that you have to choose from. However, in order to get the most out of your email marketing campaign, you’ll need to bring in professional designers to create the visuals that your clientele is sure to love.

Now that you know why you should embed video in email marketing campaigns, it’s time to begin the production of your videos and animations. Click here to contact us with any questions that you may have and request a free quote for your project. Together, we can help you produce a video that gets more traffic to your webpage and more of your services in people’s online carts.

Go get ’em, tiger!

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