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The Best SEO Digital Marketing Companies for Dentists

During the olden days, dentists just sit and wait for patients to come in. Because there is very few competition back then, marketing is not necessary. The patients go to the clinic because it may be the only dental clinic in that area. However, these days, the number of dentists has been rapidly increasing, and multiple dental clinics can be found in one area – competition is tough. As a dentist, you can’t afford to sit down and wait anymore. Something has to be done to let people know of your presence!

For the last few decades, the Internet has been a place where most people spend their time looking for long-lost friends, searching for answers to many questions, looking up products and services, and comparing such products and services to get the best deals without physically going to the stores – very convenient and time-saving. These are the benefits of the Internet to consumers.

As a dentist, you can take advantage of the Internet, too! You just have to promote your dental clinic’s website like a pro. How? By using search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO will bring your website to the top of search engine result pages (SERP), driving traffic to your website and increasing people’s awareness of your services. This is done through various strategies, which you can learn from websites such as

However, we understand that you may not be that inclined to digital marketing and its technicalities, so save yourself the trouble and leave it to the experts. We even made it extra easy for you. Here is a list of the best SEO digital marketing companies for dentists that you can check out.

  • Boostability – Boostability offers free online marketing consultation. Just register at their website to get started. With this free consultation, you can get Internet marketing guidance specific to dentists. They will give you the steps on how to increase your website traffic and how to convert them into sales using SEO, social media marketing, and mobile responsiveness. Then, they will show you how to achieve your goal in topping the search result ranking for increased online visibility.
  • Ignite Visibility – This company is famous in the USA, UK, and Canada. They offer a wide range of services that will get your website on its most desired spot in the SERP. Their services include Google AdWords, social media advertising, viral campaigns, email marketing, and display advertising. They specialize in Google penalty recovery to get websites back on the first page of search engine results by removing their penalties in as fast as three weeks. They can also tailor their services to your dental clinic website.
  • DDS Rank – DDS Rank is a dental SEO specialist. Their mission is to bring more patients into your dental clinic by bringing more visitors to your website. They also offer free no-obligation consultation to give you an idea of the possible strategies that need to be applied to increase your online visibility. They can provide you with excellent local SEO so that people will find you when they will do an online search for dental services in your area. That’s a great way to increase the number of your patients locally.
  • Comrade – They offer digital marketing and website designs that convert traffic to revenue. They believe that your website is the heart and soul of your business and that your website should show your credibility and qualifications. Their goal is to turn your website into the best source of leads and convert them into patients. Website designs that include promotional video and engaging contents are few of their specialties. In addition, they ensure that your brand is visible with organic searches. These are searches done on free search engines, which are what most people use.
  • Dental SEO Sites – With Dental SEO Sites, you can efficiently manage your online reputation and keep your practice untarnished by providing an excellent way for people to rate and recommend your services to their friends. They will make sure that you always get the best reviews. They have great teams of experts that can take care of your dental practice’s online image so you can protect your brand. They are also great at local SEO. They target a specific market and make you visible to patients looking for dentists in your area. That’s a good way of getting ahead of your competition.

Make your dental clinic, services, and products known to many people who care for their dental health, especially those in your local area. Use this list as your guide on which SEO digital marketing company to work with when creating and running your website and start preparing for an influx of patients that will be coming your way.

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