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Making Complex Simple

Clearly explaining your product is something that is vital for almost all business’. The first contact they have with brand can just be an impression – it can be vague and have quite little to do with your business as long as it makes your brand name stick in their mind. But when they come looking for more information on your website, a sure fire way to lose your potential customers attention is if they can’t figure out exactly what it is that you do.

This can be more of a challenge for those who offer more complex products. One of the easiest way to make complex simple so you can effectively explain just exactly what you’re selling is via video. Videos can give heaps of information in a small amount of time and space, making what might be quite a complicated idea easy to visualise, understand and apply to everyday life.

Your product might be hard to describe unless you see it, and sometimes pictures just don’t cut it. There might be a lot of points about your product that need to be explained for people to fully understand it, and writing out paragraph after paragraph to properly define it often leads to people losing interest and not buying in. There might even be some glaring questions and foreseeable problems that present themselves if you give someone a one line explanation of what your product is. You’ve seen these problems too, and of course you’ve addressed them, but that’s going to take a lot more explanation than just telling people “I sell water-powered laptops!” (Thats a thing someone actually invented, check it out here).

This video by the Massachusetts General Hospital explains how an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Reconstruction takes place for anyone who has to undertake the surgery, making what would is a complicated subject much more simple using visual aids and with corresponding explanations.

Complex products will probably require an explanation of how exactly to use the product, how it’s designed, and this is best demonstrated in the form of a repeatable process. If it’s something the user has to do to operate the product, it’s easy to replicate. If it explains how the product is made, it gives the customer confidence that you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

To avoid videos getting into the details of your products becoming boring instructionals try to always link them back to your brand, and then the real world. How this product will improve the customers life, what applications it can be used in, all bigger picture stuff.

Most of all, use the fact that video combines text, moving image and sound to your advantage! You can take a conversational tone which is easier to understand but sometimes comes across strange in text. Use moving graphics to show the in’s and out’s of your product, animated labels, process’s. With the combination of all of these possibilities are endless, and ultimately, the possibilities are way easier to understand!

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