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Live video and marketing

Facebook live videos are the biggest update to happen to Facebook since they introduced hashtags. That leaves a lot of businesses asking themselves, “should I or shouldn’t I?”

The pros of live video:


Depending what kind of stream you’re going to do, you can do this with very minimal spend. The most common live stream is to answer questions. You could choose to answer consumer questions about a recent or upcoming product launch, or you could opt to answer questions about a blog post you made. Your audience can easily send you questions either through social media or your website, and you can answer them straight up. Nothing fancy. No extra costs. Teasing new products, or streaming footage from an event also requires no extra costs.


Live video is still such a new medium that you can draw attention simply by promoting that you will be using it. Use it strategically at the right time of day and you could draw in a huge audience.

Not that kind of exposure!

Not that kind of exposure!

The cons of live video:


You’re midway through your live stream and all is going well. People are engaging with you and asking questions that you can answer straight away, your audience is growing, everything is going great…when suddenly, you reeeaaaally have to go to the bathroom. You can’t just put your live audience on pause while you duck out, but you can’t wrap up ten minutes into a half hour long stream.


There is always the chance that a video won’t take off with your audience, but you can always reuse the footage or relaunch the video in a different manner. Sure, you can replay a live stream, but it’s not the same. Your audience can no longer ask questions. Not only that, but the video you have produced was not scripted and will not be as polished as something you had been able to edit. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, your average live stream video doesn’t cost too much to make, so you won’t be down too much money.

A couple of tips:

So you’ve weighed it up and decided live streaming is right for you. Before you begin, live streaming requires the same amount of planning as any other video. More, in fact, as there’s no room to redo the filming or fix something up in editing.

live video

There is no excuse for a lack of planning

Talk to a professional to get some tips and tricks as well as some help with the pre production and production.

Relax and enjoy your time in the spotlight. Remember that you only have half an hour (until Facebook updates this) so avoid waffling.
By Emma Wilkinson

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