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James Marcon Youth Health Foundation

About Us:

The James Marcon Youth Health Foundation is a non-profit organisation that embraces the channelling of art to aid in the recovery of children and youth affected by mental illness. The foundation creates a platform whereby children and youth can feel empowered to contribute to the community positively by showcasing their creative talent. Envisioned by former client of the Orygen Youth Health organisation James Marcon (1990-2012), the foundation encourages and supports those affected by mental illness to enjoy creating pieces of art that will be celebrated and sold at fundraising events and exhibitions, generating confidence and a sense of accomplishment. In collaboration with Archsign Style Gallery, profits raised by various art exhibitions and fundraising events, will be directed to research, training and communication programs, inpatient units, clinical services and crises centres of Orygen Youth Health and associated mental health organisations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower children and youth affected by mental illness by giving them a positive outlet to express themselves in the form of art. In showcasing their creative talent and directing profits from fundraising events towards mental health organisations such as Orygen Youth Health, we endeavor to support and assist children and young people to manage metal illness challenges.

We seek to empower them by providing a forum in which they can participate actively positively in the community. Through the benefits of supporting the arts as a means of therapy, we believe we can generate hope, peace, freedom and fulfillment by encouraging the young to discover and explore their talents, whilst creating awareness and understanding of mental illness within the community.

You can support us and make a donations to the James Marcon Youth Health Foundation in two ways:

1. Sending a cheque or money order

Make your cheque or money order payable to

James Marcon Youth Health Foundation and send it to:

James Marcon Youth Health Foundation
94 Elgin St
Carlton VIC 3053

2. Making a bank transfer using the following details

Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Account: James Marcon Youth Health Foundation Ltd
BSB: 063-114
Account no: 1045-6084
Description: Please supply your name
When you email your remittance details,
please supply your name and address
so we can send you a letter of thanks and a receipt.


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