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Growing with video

If you already have 100% of your target market and that market has no chance of growing any bigger, you can stop reading now. For everybody else, whether you’re a start up or an existing company with an established customer base, there’s always room for growth. Video is a fantastic way to turn your leads into customers.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a simple and straightforward way to tell your story. They allow you to easily tell your potential customers a bit about you and show off some of your brand personality. No matter how big or small your business is, these videos help it keep growing. This is also an easy point of information access for any possible media (dream big).
While explainer videos definitely simplify introducing a new business or product, they’re not just for brand new companies. They can be used to touch base with customers or demonstrate a side of the business not shown before.

Explainer video example:

Landing page video

By definition, a landing page video is simply a video that is located on your website’s landing page and a first impression. Beyond that, it can be anything you want it to be. This is the perfect spot to host your explainer video, or maybe you’d prefer to use something more advertising focused. The possibilities here are endless. Remember that, by this stage, your audience has already chosen to come to your website. Perhaps you’d like to convert that lead to a sale by allowing the customer to get to know you. Try a behind the scenes or a meet the team video.
Did you know that Google rates video pretty highly? You can boost your SEO by adding a professional looking video to your homepage.

Growing your business with a landing page video

Adding a video to your landing page can make it appear more professional

Event video

Event videos are tragically underrated. Bringing a videographer to an event such as a product release or announcement allows you to film for a future video. You could film more customer testimonials or reactions to products than you could ever hope to use. You could film some tips from an expert speaker. This is also a great place to film a meet the team video. Catch them when they are working but in a more relaxed environment than the office.

Video is a powerful tool when you want to grow your business, but one that many newcomers overlook. Consider how you can best use video to promote your business and make sure it keeps growing for a long time to come.

By Emma Wilkinson

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