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Sick and tired of just scraping by in business? Want to double your revenues and reach 80% of people you have never even considered before?

Approximately 400 million people in the world are native English speakers and just 1.5 billion people in total can speak or understand any form of English. That’s out of a world population of approximately 7 billion! So how come you’re ignoring the 1 billion Mandarin speakers in the world? Or Spanish, French, Portuguese or Arabic speakers for that matter?

The reality is, most businesses put operating in a Language Other Than English (LOTE) in the ‘too hard’ basket. And when most businesses ignore opportunity, you should see an opportunity. With many Australian and American businesses operating in a very myopic view of the world, there is a real chance to capitalise on the missed opportunities of others.

Here are few of our favourite strategies for using Video Marketing to reach a wider audience:

Good animation breaks down language barriers 

For English speaking businesses looking to operate on a truly global scale, the two toughest obstacles to overcome are cultural barriers and language barriers. This brilliant animation for Chipotle, a large Mexican eatery in the USA, shows the power of using video to tell a story and engage with your customers. With absolutely no dialogue and minimal on-screen English, more than 13,000,000 people around the world have engaged with the Chipotle brand via the brilliant video. Instead, the video focuses on excellent storytelling, brilliant animation that brings the story to life, and a well-chosen score to accompany the video. The end product is a video that cuts through the language barriers normally confronted by businesses trying to operate globally.

Reusing the videos you produce with foreign language subtitling

For videos where there is an English script, it’s really simple to take your video and turn it into 10 videos! You will need to get the script translated by professional translators into the languages you want to target. Professional translations services are relatively inexpensive and are an easy way of reusing your video content. Subtitling is easily handled by video hosts such as Youtube and Vimeo and your user can choose the language they want subtitles in.

Foreign language speaker dubbing

Similarly to subtitling, you can have the English script read out in a foreign language such as Chinese or French, and your video producer can use that to create a new video with the Chinese or French dialogue. A simple and relatively inexpensive way to reuse your video content to reach a broader audience!

 CostaVasiliCosta Vasili is the founder and CEO of EthnoLink 
Language Services – Australia’s third largest language 
services provider in 2014 according to Common Sense 
Advisory. With over 5 years of experience in the language
 services industry, Costa has worked with some of 
Australia’s largest businesses to develop and execute 
successful international marketing campaigns


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