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Conquering video marketing and living to tell the tale

Remember that high school English speech? Turning red and stuttering helplessly in front of the class? The teacher nodding impatiently and the class clown giggling in the background?

Most of us aren’t into the idea of appearing in a video to make a speech – we seem to think we can leave it to the toothy blonde recommending the newest toothpaste and the savvy business-suited GQ fellow telling you that X brand’s new car is just what you should upgrade to if you’re wanting to fit in with your snazzy friends.

The truth is that you need an effective and clear video for your business website – one that conveys the message easily, looks professional and engages your audience – but you don’t know where to start.

There are a number of elements to making or appearing in a video which may scare people who aren’t familiar with what really makes it easy – here are a few:

1. Is an expensive video really necessary? Can’t I just write my business’ message?

The written word, if brief and effectively communicative, can do the job of capturing your target audience’s interest – but a video speaks 1.8 million words1. Educating your audience, addressing their needs and offering a solution in the form of a video can increase the number of purchases made of your product or service by 64%.

As for money matters, you don’t need to break the bank: using your smart phone camera and connecting a Rhode Smart Lav lapel microphone will work just as well. With the results as promised previously, will definitely pay off in the long run when customers are flocking to your site.

2. I’m not tech-savvy!

This is likely to be a common grievance of considering videos for your business, and it doesn’t need to be. All the filming, editing and putting together of your video can be organised for you in a sweet package deal by people whose job it is to do so – video marketing agencies. If that’s not up your alley, rest assured that most computers come with programs and apps that allow you to easily edit videos yourself. These include Windows Movie Maker and Final Cut Pro X.

3. I’m not ready for my close-up… ever

People like to do business with other people, not businesses. Offering customers and potential clients a face to associate with your company increases the factors of trust and credibility. Making yourself visible makes you human and approachable (think Steve Jobs and Apple rather than Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man)

If you’re really not keen, never fear. Video marketers can find and employ the right person to fit your requirements and deliver your message for you in any way you’d like them to, or illustrate a cartoon in your image.

4. I have no idea what to include or say!

Once again, our video marketers can save the day. Script-writers can whip up a transcript that communicates your company’s message accurately, is engaging to listen to and gets to the point quickly and clearly, capturing your target audience’s attention and imagination until the end.

A script generally follows these steps:

1. It calls out to its target audience,

2. It identifies their problem,

3. It presents the solution and offer the benefits of that solution, and

4. It ends with a call to action and offers the next step to realising the solution.

5. How will I know where to use my video once I get it made?

The answer is simple – in as many places as possible. If the video is short and concise (which it should be!) it can be posted on a range of online platforms, including social media sites. But don’t stop there – Neil Davidson says that you should make the most of your video2 and not just post it on YouTube where your exposure and control over it is limited. Showing it at meetings, conventions and sessions, through pitches and email marketing campaigns. You can even edit a shorter or different version to add some variety across separate viewings.

Good luck!

By Joanna Michalowski

1Impact Group

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