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Think about where your mind wanders when you are not consciously thinking about something, is it a catchy tune? Your Favourite actor? What’s for Dinner?

You want your advertisement to be where the unconscious mind wanders.

It needs to have a lasting effect on its viewer, you need to be to go-to person for your product or service and this can be achieved by an effective Video Advertisement.

Online company Cisco, who predicts that online video will grab a 69% share of total internet traffic by 2018, (Marshall, C 2014), the traffic is there what you need is to direct it to you.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re the name on your target consumer’s lips:


Get Feedback

–        Open ended questionnaires, ask your consumer what they want to see more of

–        Multiple Choice questions, many people don’t have time for long ended questionnaires keep it simple with easy to answer questions that help you gain a better understanding of what your customer wants

–        Social Media Status’s, Tweets and Photo uploads read the comments see what the trend is amongst your following


Make your Video Advertisement a priority

–        This is your time to shine, make sure this encapsulates everything you want your brand to be known as

–        Make it catchy and to the point, too much information will scare people away

–        Evoke emotion, laughter, happiness, love, sadness anger it can be any emotion just choose one and run with it


Generate interesting posts

–        Create a following, ensure people are going to want to keep visiting your site
–        Keeps things consistent, whether its blogs, newsletters or photos if you go missing so will your followers
–        Encourage interactivity, allow people to leave comments or have a place they can email their opinions
Good Luck!

By Natasha Giannetti

Marshall, C. (2014).  Reel Seo

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