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Five Things your Video needs to make an impact on the Digital Market

The Good, The Bad and the Viral

Give your Video Audience Building skills to become the good type of Viral When some people think of Viral they thinking of phlegm ridden throats and runny noses, but to be an advertising winner when you think Viral you must think advertising. We have all seen our fair share of good and bad advertisements, but … Read More


How to successfully create a sense of urgency to evoke a call of action from your customer  Have you ever been caught in a vicious bidding war? Whether it be Ebay, an Auction or a Daily Deals offer, somehow once the bidding adrenalin your stop price slowly gets bigger by the offer and it becomes … Read More

The end is nigh: How to conclude a video successfully

Have you ever read a book only to get to the end and throw it against the wall in a rage of fury and disappointment? Left the cinema halfway during a movie, the A-list actors and killer soundtrack falling apart into a pit of despair and dissatisfaction that totally wasn’t worth the $20 ticket? The … Read More

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