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5 Simple Things to Include In Your Video To Up Your Conversion Rates

Creating the perfect video for your brand can be difficult at times, as there is no one formula that will guarantee the best reaction from any audience base. There are, however, a few things that you should always considering including in some way to make sure your conversion rates are as high as possible.

1. Offer Social proof
If someone sees that someone else has used (or is using) your product and absolutely loved it, they are much more likely to choose to use it as well. An oldie but a goodie, social proof such as customer testimonials and case studies offer validation that they are making the right decision by choosing your brand. So many promotional strategies outside video run off this one idea, including celebrity endorsement and product placement, because it’s proven to be incredibly effective.

2. .. and credibility.
Credibility is along the same lines as social proof, but requires endorsement from your product by people who are experts in that field and know what they’re talking about. Joe Blow saying that your cold flu tablets are great is one thing, but a qualified doctor stating it is quite another. Brand partnerships can also lend great credibility, such as Target teaming up with Missoni to prove that they really are a fashion leader.

3. Guarantees
Offering guarantees on product reliability, satisfaction or price gives consumers more confidence to choose your product. It gives you the appearance that you have confidence in your brand, and ability to provide great service in regards to whatever you’re guaranteeing. If you promise that a product will last at least 10 years, and if it doesn’t you’ll replace if for free, you’re putting your own money and reputation on the line and in turn appear much more genuine.

4. Clear contact information.
Sounds like a no brainer, but is worth mentioning. If the aim of your video is to get eyes on your website, callers on the phone or mail in your inbox, but your URL, phone number or email address aren’t super obvious, this is where all your problems are going to lie. After who you are and what you do, how to get in touch is the third most important thing anyone should get out of your video. This RCI Recruiting video made “contacting us” an entire section in their video, so that no one was confused as to how to get in touch and start using their service.

5. Meaningful headlines
Videos are typically pictures and moving images before anything else, so if words appear they’re probably going to be the centre of attention. Make sure they say exactly what you need them to say and aren’t confusing or superfluous. Use them to hammer a point home made in the voiceover, to highlight something or to provide contact information. If they don’t have a clear purpose, don’t have them there.

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